….FROM Pool Service Industry News – April 2016

“The CDC estimates that about 10 people die from drowning in the US every day.  Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates and most of these happen in home swimming pools or spas.”

Homeowners can prevent these tragedies by:

  1. removing toys and other kid temptations from pool areas.
  2. making sure pool covers, gates, and alarms are in working order at all times.
  3. always supervising children when they are in or around the pool area.
  4. having poolside access to a phone.
  5. looking in the pool first when a child or adult is missing.
  6. installing VGB(Virginia Graham Baker)compliant drains to prevent entrapment drowning.
  7. keeping a fully supplied (including scissors) first aid kit visible at the pool site.
  8. having a visible floatation device poolside.
  9. having all home and pool electrical outlets, lighting and mechanics inspected for proper installation, grounding, and bonding.

Additional information concerning pool safety as well as great kid friendly safety videos can be found at www.poolsafety.gov.

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