Water Catchment

In response to the high drought conditions and the new County Land Ordinance in Santa Fe county, we at Natures Creations Inc. want you to know about our Rainwater Catchment Collection Systems. Continued drought, warm temperatures and damaged vegetation have fire experts predicting a long and destructive fire season throughout much of the Southwest. In areas with traditionally low rainfall, like the high deserts of Santa Fe, rainwater catchment systems are not only ideal, but in some counties they are mandatory.

There is more water available from the rain than we realize. Two inches of rain falling on 6,000 square foot horizontal surface collects 7,500 gallons. Underground storage tanks collect grey water, rain water and site run-off and can be used as an at home treatment for fire protection. This environmentally friendly system may also reduce your home insurance premium.

We use steel reinforced structural concrete with a PSI rating of 4,000. Because we build on site, we are not restricted to size confinements. Here are a few of the many advantages shotcrete containment tanks have over plastic or fiberglass containments:

  1. Unlimited size and unlimited shape
  2. No need for cranes or heavy access
  3. Able to pour in tight access or limited site restrictions
  4. No excess excavation or backfill required

We can configure your containment tank to your specifications, requirements or constrictions. Call or email us directly for design, consultation and installation. We’ll provide you with an estimate on your specific job.

Water catchment for maximizing precious rain and snow water.