Building a Water Feature- Tips For Making It Delightful

Building or remodeling a water environment, ie., pool, spa, fountain or pond, can be a delightful experience or a disaster to be endured for years to come. Choosing the right designer and contractor is pivotal for the success of any water environment construction and/or remodel. Energy and water efficient equipment as well as automated technology can make operation and maintenance less labor intensive thus providing more time for fun and recreation. Properly designed and constructed, the owner will benefit from many years of pride and enjoyment.

To achieve these results, consider several guidelines in choosing the most appropriate designer/contractor for your project:

1. Reputation- The designer/contractor should come with referrals similar to your project.  Ask to see these projects and talk with the owner.

2. License- Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured and ask to see these documents.

3. Experience- The contractor should have at least 10 years experience designing/constructing projects similar to yours.

4. Listening- The contractor should listen and appreciate the goals and objectives you have for this project as well as concerns and be able to incorporate them into the project design and timeline.

5. Can do- It is important for the contractor to have a “can do” attitude in the design and construction and, if some aspects are not feasible, offers appropriate alternatives to meet your goals. After all, it is not about fitting into a cookie cutter, it is about getting you what you want and need.

6. Availability- Is the contractor responsive to your questions, concerns and ideas before, during and after the project process? Does he/she return calls and emails? Will he/she be on site supervising the work appropriately?

7. Service- Does the contractor provide service and maintenance after the completion? Does he stand behind the work performed? Will the contractor handle warranty issues?

8. Continuity- If the building footprint includes more than the water feature… for example home and/or casita, can the contractor be involved from design to completion for a seamless flow from one project to another?

9. Soil conditions, codes, permitting- Make sure the contractor has some working knowledge of soil conditions and remediation, drainage issues and water access. Is the contractor able to design compliant with safety, building and historical codes and standards as well as navigate through the permitting process?

10. Comfortable with the top 9 guidelines? Look forward to years of enjoyment and pleasure!!