Dave Schneider, President and Owner of Natures Creations, Inc. has been in the water shaping business for over 40 years. Dave’s initial exposure to the work environment, like many self- made entrepreneurs, was as a common laborer at the bottom of the pay scale. In the pool business, that means digging ditches for pipe for a pool company in Yakima Washington. Through a series of life events, Dave was quickly promoted to a project foreman with a water park construction company for 5 years. It was on one of these site scouting trips, he found himself weathered in at the FBO in Santa Fe, NM. He became enamored with the area and has never left, subsequently making Santa Fe his permanent office. Dave has traveled the nation building pools, spas, waterfalls, and water features, so can offer clients border to border service.

Dave finds inspiration for the unique” one of a kind” creations in unique and varied forms of architecture, local culture and history, and natural color combinations. This inspiration, coupled with Dave’s insatiable drive to provide cutting edge technology, new products and innovative techniques has created 30 years of satisfied clients and a rich referral base. From large commercial multi-unit water shapes, to the unique artfully designed residential project, Dave and Natures Creations can create the design, complete the construction in house, and offer a full menu of service and maintenance. Dave has developed a truly a turn- key company to meet client needs and desires. His motto: Natures Creations offers positively outrageous service …POS.

In an age where many professionals change careers often, Dave has been consistently passionate about the next project and its challenges. Natures Creations prides itself on meeting and exceeding client expectations. That has fueled Dave’s fire for these 40+ years. Saying “yes “ to clients dreams and visions which many times includes challenging sites, difficult and intricate plans, and coordinating with a vast array of construction professionals has kept the water shape business an exciting adventure for him. Natures Creations has received numerous national awards and acknowledgement for their designs and construction. Dave is well aware it takes a team to provide all these years of consistent quality and dependability. Dave is the first person to credit his family run business and multitalented staff for the ongoing success of Natures Creations.

When not immersed in a water shape project, Dave still enjoys flying and all the new and exciting changes in the aviation industry. Family and grand parenting also take priority and provide many heartwarming memories and hours of enjoyment.