Las Cruces Burrell College Fountain

Greeting students and guests of Burrell College in Las Cruces is this 15′ tall graduated bowl fountain complete with massive sphere atop. The individual pieces of this fountain were craned in place and mounted to the pillar by the Natures Creations construction personnel. For water conservation, this fountain is equipped with special sensitivity to shut off with strong winds. Up-lighting and spotlighting add a dramatic aspect for nighttime enjoyment as well. The hydraulics and specialized aspects of this custom fountain were designed by Dave Schneider, Natures Creations Pres/CEO.

The second fountain commissioned by Burrell College also stands 15′ tall and features highly glazed multi colored tiles installed by Natures Creations tile setters. The inner lower basin is also lined with deep blue tiles to accent the water color. The fountain was stained a rich adobe red to compliment the courtyard pavers and capstone seating. A tranquil repose and focus for students and instructors.