Alternative Materials and Technologies for your Pool, Spa, or Water Feature
Dave Schneider, Natures Creations Inc.

As with all industries, technology, materials, techniques and products used in the water business are constantly becoming more efficient and convenient as well as cost effective.

Variable Speed Pumps

New Mexico is offering a $300.00 rebate for replacement of standard water pumps with the new variable speed pumps. The replacement can be for a pump installed for any outdoor, indoor, residential or commercial use. With the rebate and the future electrical cost savings, these variable speed pumps can pay for themselves within 4 to 5 years. Since these pumps take less energy and rotate less, they can last for up to 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance.

LED Lighting

The water industry is moving from incandescent lighting to LED lighting and incorporating multi-color options, as well. LED lighting uses lower wattage. It is less labor intensive to install and replace and lasts longer. LED lights can be installed in as little as 4″ of water.

New Plasters and Surface Textures

Color- Adding color to a marcite plaster adds beauty, reduces glare and creates solar gain. Just adding the color itself creates a more natural harmonious ambiance.

Exposed Aggregate- A more natural look can also be created by adding a round exposed aggregate (pebbles) to the plaster. A variety of colored pebbles are available to enhance and compliment feature design.

Glass Bead- Glass bead also comes in a wide range of colors and color blends can also be added to a plaster to create a really “wow” effect.

Glass Tile- Glass tile and Ceramic tile finishes are available and provide an alternative to plaster and provide a more durable surface, Water chemistry does not effect glass or ceramic tile to the degree it does the plaster surface thus saving maintenance cost. Both of these types of tile keep a uniform look and come in a broad range of styles and colors.

New Technology
Changing out old, outdated technology for maintaining and controlling a pool, spa or water-feature can be very energy efficient and much more convenient for the owner. Controllers can be installed to activate equipment turning it on or off, or you can adjust the temperature remotely by a smart phone or with wi-fi. Programs can be set to maximize energy efficiency, feature viewing and bathing use. The homeowner can be in New York ready to fly to Santa Fe, activate the heater on the hot tub and be soaking on arrival.

As with any remodel, new construction or installation, using a reputable professional contractor well-versed on these latest materials, equipment and technology as well as how to correctly install them can make the difference between “happy” and “hassle”. (See Blog entitled “Delight or Disaster” at for tips on choosing a pool, spa or water feature contractor).