No, I’m not kidding!!

Many homeowners in light of the present drought conditions have delayed or dismissed the idea of containing water of any sort on their property. In reality, the space occupied by a pool, spa or water feature keeps the water from leaving and is recycled indefinitely.

If the pool replaces existing lawn, flowers and trees, the water savings is immediate. The average pool with decking displaces approximately 1200 sf.
That much lawn uses an estimated 44,000 gallons of water according to an industry professional. That means the pool and deck area save 12,000 gallons the year it is filled, and 30,000 gallons each year thereafter.

Dave Schneider owner of Natures Creations, Inc. states that additional water savings can be realized by adding harmless chemical agents to the water to reduce evaporation as well as installing automatic and solar covers to greatly diminish water loss. Use of newer technology such as high tech cartridge filters and variable speed pumps not only are energy savers but use minimal water in their processes. Keeping the pool at optimal level, reducing filtering cycles and reducing water temperate to 80 degrees also contributes to less evaporation.

So let’s revisit that pool, spa or water feature project knowing we can enjoy the fun and relaxation it will bring while also responsibly saving a basic natural resource.