About Us

“We thrive on complex projects and sites, where the client has a picture in mind of how they want their area to ‘feel’.

Natures Creations makes that idea happen… turning a high desert landscape into an oasis, a mountainous backdrop into a grotto covered by waves of grasses and flowers, or by cutting a modern vanishing edge pool into a hillside.

Dreams become reality.”

David Schneider, Natures Creations’ owner, president/CEO has been designing award winning pools and water features for over 35 years. Dave is a licensed general contractor in New Mexico and Texas and his career has taken him to all parts of the United States designing and constructing both high end commercial and residential projects.
Dave is a Gold member of the Genesis 3 Society of Water Shape Designers. The Society of Water Shape Designers is an elite society committed to personal and professional integrity as well as quality in design and construction. Acceptance and qualification into the Society requires completion of a rigorous fully accredited series of classes encompassing the full spectrum of water shaping. Nationally 26 designers hold this recognition. The goals and objectives of the Society of Watershape Designers are succinctly stated in the mission statement below.

‘The Society of Watershape Designers’ Curriculum elevates the watershaping industry through education in practical skills associated with design excellence. In so doing, the Curriculum creates an alliance of like-minded professionals who raise consumer expectations beyond established norms and who create a demand for watershapes that are truly works of the designer’s art.